How Our Program Works

  1. Upon receiving a call for help we interview and qualify caller for our program. There is a short intake form they need to fill out at the motel.
  2. After acceptance we counsel with them if they desire, on the Gospel: Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe if client doesn’t have God in their lives they don’t have a prayer. Spiritual Christian counseling is the highest priority on our list of support we give clients, if they wish to participate.
  3. Next we provide a motel a room for shelter, food, clothes, cell phone or phone card, gas for car if applicable, transportation if available and more to help stabilize client. We also provide referrals to other agencies etc. for more help especially for special needs.
  4. We can give 2 nights for free in the motel, or a week for whatever the client can afford to help with financially. It’s important for client to take responsibility and ownership, first financially then in other ways of their own situation as soon as they can.
  5. In return we expect our clients to submit 15 applications per day for work. We have job search forms they need to fill out and return to the motel office. The goal of the client is to become self-supporting asap.
  6. When our clients get a job we give further support as we can afford, until they get their first paycheck. Soon after they get a check they are required to pay their own motel bill. Upon becoming self-supporting while living in the motel we provide additional help for a short time if needed.
  7. We try to follow up with the progress of the client after they become self-supporting in the motel and provide additional help if needed on a short term basis and limited financial help.
  8. Additionally, we try to help with searching for better and higher paying jobs, permanent housing, vehicles and more.
  9. We can help with rental deposits, utility deposits, furniture and more for those who obtain more permanent housing depending on our finances and other resources.


The above will give you an idea of what our services are all about.
If you have any questions call Paul at 636-466-1365.

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