Winter Weather Warming Centers

Homeless in Frigid Weather?

Death Prevention is Goal for Winter Warming Centers

From November 2019 through March 2020, if temperatures are predicted to be 20 degrees or below overnight (via, the Emergency Weather Response program of the St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties Continuum of Care will activate a Free Warming Center Response to provide safe sleeping accommodations for the night at local churches in the area. To locate the nearest warming center, call the hotline number at 636-395-0492. Transportation services may be available.

Last winter 22 nights were activated with 50 people and some pets served for a total of 134 bed nights of lodging.  Eight churches will be Warming Center locations this year, with each one scheduled for a week of service at a time. Participants will not only receive a safe, warm place to spend the night, but social service agencies will follow up with them to evaluate and provide further resources.

Churches participating in the 2019-20 winter include Grace Gospel Temple, St. John UCC, Calvary Church, Ridgecrest Church, St. Charles First United Methodist, Chapel of the Cross, Wentzville Christian and First Baptist- Wentzville. Trained volunteers at each site, who have had background checks, and received specialized training, will be on hand to greet, check in , oversee the evening activities, provide food, prepare laundry and clean up and load a van where supplies are transported from one church to another during the winter season.

Please keep the hotline number handy, and pass it out to homeless you encounter during the cold winter season.  If you or your church would like more information about how you can become involved, please call LINC Director Kathy Thompson or Warming Center Coordinator Tiffany Jackson at 636-332-5127 x 222.

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