God’s Plan For Us

fsbhcrossesAs First Step Back Home is a Christian faith-based charity, we offer this section to anyone who would strive to know more of the Gospel and God’s plan for our lives. Part of what we offer those that we help is spiritual counseling and an opportunity to better understand God’s love for them, if they express a wish to grow in that dimension.

Below is a list of selected Bible verses that, read and carefully considered, offer the big picture of what the Gospel is about and how we can try to live our lives according to God’s word.

God’s Plan: The Gospel
God is Love (1Jn4) Love Conquers All Things
Description of Love (1Cor13 Love Chapter)Patience-Kindness–
Greatest Love (The Gospel 1Cor15) Death-Burial-Resurrection
Sin (Rms 3:23 and Rms 6:23) Confess-Ask Forgiveness-Repent
Salvation of Souls (Rms 10) Prayer of Salvation/ Confess-Believe
The Greatest Commandments (Mat 22) Love in action
The Holy Spirit (Jn14:26-27) Awakens and Guides Our Spirit
The Great Commission (Mat16:20-28) Teach Others- Witness

And consider this diagram and this outline as a visual aid in understanding the Gospel and God’s plan for our lives.

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