Housing for the Homeless

In 2016 FSBH started its model of permanent housing via mobile homes in local mobile home parks (MHP) in our service area.  As of 2022, a total of 64 people have benefitted from living in one of these places, once they were able to acquire reliable transportation, a permanent job and pass a background check required by the MHP.  More than 14,000 days of lodging have been provided to clients from March 2016 through the end of 2021.  Clients have stayed for a varying length of time, some with short stays and others much longer.

FSBH owns the units and covers all maintenance and ownership requirements.  Clients are expected to pay their monthly lot rents, utilities and keep their lawns mowed.  FSBH does not require any move in deposits or rents on the units.  We have mobile homes at Runnymeade Mobile Home Park and at Rolling Meadows MHP both in O’Fallon.


Two churches in the region have funded the development of playgrounds for children in the MHP.  FSBH holds several community outreach programs each year, including BBQs, Vacation Bible School, Thanksgiving Dinners, Sunday School programs and church services.  Being engaged in the MHP provides resources for our clients and many of their neighbors to services they may not be aware of without our promotion of them.  We utilize neighborhood Facebook pages to communicate periodic offerings in the area.

FSBH could use more mobile homes.  If you know of any in good shape that might be donated to the ministry, please contact Paul Kruse at 636-466-1365.

Check out the GoFundMe link below for how YOU can help make this a reality!            https://www.gofundme.com/wfnfjvx8

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