Christmas Wonderland

15th Annual FSBH Christmas Wonderland
Dec. 9, 2023

15th Annual First Step Back Home Christmas Wonderland. This year we are again having a Drive Thru  style party to serve NEW families from St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties ONLY. If you attended in 2021 or 2022 you will be placed on a “Pending List” until we see if slots may be available.  We will only be providing gifts to children 15 years and younger.

You must reserve a slot for your immediate household, to be able to participate. EACH family must sign-up separately, even if you are riding together. (EX. 2 households in one car but each household has their own registration number). You MUST include your address when you sign up.

Confirmation emails  with your unique registration number are REQUIRED, and will be sent to the email address provided after Nov. 12, based on availability. Names on the Pending List will be addressed at that time.

There is no access to the building. Everyone stays in their cars. Only one person from a family unit is required to come.  No need for everyone to show up.  Check FSBH website, or Facebook page, for updates due to weather or other circumstances.

Items will be distributed based on donations received.

Please contact me if you have a problem or question about siging up.

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