Who Is Eligible

Man Circling Help Wanted AdsFirst Step Back Home strives as its main objective to help the homeless and working poor work toward full self-supporting status. With that goal, it is unable to provide assistance to those that might have serious physical or mental issues that would prevent them realistically attaining a job and becoming self-supporting. Such individuals will be referred to other agencies.

Permanent housing, transportation, higher education and/or trade school to get a better job. The minimum goal should be to obtain a job making a living wage of $18 per hour for family of 2.

FSBH will not provide any assistance whatsoever to:

  • Active drug/substance addicts or alcoholics
  • Sex offenders
  • Those with outstanding arrest warrants
  • Con artists
  • Any person that does not want to find and hold a job

FSBH will also have much greater difficulty helping find jobs for those with felony records. A current clean background check in hand by those seeking assistance will greatly speed FSBH’s approval process, and will make finding a job faster.

Our most important initial requirement of clients is that they must make a minimum of 15 inquiries per day in an attempt to find work.  Clients will be required to complete a daily job search form, detailing the name of the business they applied to, the name and phone number of the person they talked to, and the results of the call. They are required to turn these sheets into the motel’s front desk office at the end of each day.

When a client does obtain a job, FSBH will strive to pay for their motel bill for the two weeks until they get their first pay check. As they progress in their job, we try to assist them with their permanent housing and transportation needs.

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